Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stevie Go! A Minecraft Retheme of Sushi Go!

My four older kids love the game Sushi Go! It's an introductory drafting card game from a GameWright. However, no one in our family likes sushi. The artwork on the cards are great, but we really don't know what a tempura, sashimi, nigiri, or maki roll is. The game is fun, but the theme doesn't really connect with us.

So, a while back, I got the urge to design/make something. I had seen lots of people remake the small cars game Love a Letter and initially thought about doing something with that game. The four older kids love Minecraft, so I thought about making a Minecraft retheme of Love Letter. However, while I owned Love Letter (a personal conviction of mine if I'm going to make a custom version of a game), I hadn't played it yet and wasn't that familiar with how it worked.

And that's when I got the idea to retheme Sushi Go! using Minecraft. Sushi Go! has 108 cards (as opposed to Love Letter's 16), there are only 8 different card types to retheme. Within the first minute of this idea, I already had the name: Stevie Go!

I made all the cards with Inkscape and had them printed at PrinterStudio.com using their linen-finish custom poker cards item.

Here are the backs of the cards. As with all these photos in this post, the lighting is a bit off, so the colors aren't exactly as vibrant as they are in real life.

There are three types of Nigiri in Sushi Go!, all of which can be more valuable if placed on Wasabi cards. For Stevie Go!, I substituted three different values of ores. I didn't use diamond because I planned on using that later. Replacing the Wasabi, I used a furnace, which, in the game, turns ores into more useful and valuable things.

In Sushi Go!, players collect Maki Roll cards with values ranging from 1-3. In Stevie Go!, they' ex been replaced with creepers. For the theme of the game, I'm assuming this is showing how many creepers we've defeated. Collecting creepers would be an explosively bad idea. 

A pair of Tempura cards from Sushi Go! are worth five points. We've replaced them with grass blocks. The Minecraft grass block is one of its iconic images, even if it isn't that valuable in the game.

Sashimi cards in Sushi Go! are worth ten points, but only in sets of three. I rethemed them with the three most common tools used in Minecraft. The fourth, the sword, is used on another card.

Sushi Go! has Dumpling cards, which grow drastically in value the more you get. I changed this to diamonds, the most valued of ores in Minecraft, both because I loved the color, which really doesn't show up well in this photo, and because dumplings and diamonds sounded pretty close to each other.

Here's what the blue in the card actually looks like.

Dessert cards are only scored at the end of a game of Sushi Go! For Stevie Go!, I wanted to use a Minecraft food item. I started with a carrot, but the orange color of the card didn't fit in as well as the red of the apple.

Chopsticks are cards with no point value, but can be used to play two cards at once. From the very beginning, I planned to use a Diamond sword instead. It's the most powerful weapon in the game and my oldest son owns a foam real-life copy of one.

Here are all the cards together. I like the variety of colors.

My original plan was to replace the Sushi Go cards in their tin box, but these cards from PrinterStudio are slightly taller and quite a bit wider, so they don't fit. I'll have to figure out a storage solution later.

I've read that most game companies are fine with rethemes, as long as I don't share the files with others to make their own copies. So, unfortunately, I can't share the files with you, unless Stevie Go! actually gets made by the people at Mojang. It's also considered good form to own the original game which, as you can see from the picture above, I do!

When I printed these cards, it actually allowed me to piggyback another rethemed game in the same print order. I'll post about them later.

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